Thursday Treasure: Bernadette Corporation!


From fabulous fashion, to intriguing art projects, films and a magazine.. this is just some of the work done by the New York artist collective, Bernadette Corporation.The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents a dynamic exhibition that will excite your senses.


The artist collective Bernadette Corporation first combined the different worlds of fashion, film and magazines in 1994.  Influences from fashion to film include Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren and Jean- luc Godard. The NY collective is composed with different members over the many years and there’s still something mysterious in the way they represent themselves. In 2015 the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam bought several video art and pictures made by the Bernadette Corporation. The purchased work varies from fashion designs from the fall/winter collection 1997, a floor sculpture to the underground film project Pedestrian Cinema and shows their varied wide range of work.


They have an almost mystique vibe of working, publishing and the creation of their ‘secret’ events and meetings. They challenge different industries by replacing them with alternative systems and ideas.2c96cb83dc9f8b387532cd761bf38f58GO and visit the exposition in Stedelijk museum till the 28th of august!

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