Couscous & Shoes!

The best combination you can have… Nice food, shoes, great people and the feeling of a warm an intimate Sunday night with friends and family. The amazing shoe brand Mr. Ali Amsterdam arranged a small and beautiful get-together  at X Bank Amsterdam to show their sizzling shoe collection. Lotte-Dale-mr-ali07Lotte-Dale-mr-ali04Lotte-Dale-mr-ali01The mastermind behind these leather babies is the beautiful Zahra Nabrouh (1986-), she integrates her fascinating family history and love for her roots in this amazing shoe brand. By creating a touchable memory with Mr. Ali Amsterdam for her deceased and beloved father, she keeps his spirit alive with her inspiring shoe collection.

Lotte-Dale-mr-ali08Lotte-Dale-mr-ali05Lotte-Dale-mr-ali10Lotte-Dale-mr-ali15These foxy shoes are handmade by the local nomads in Guelmim, Morocco and travelled the entire world back to Amsterdam to satisfy your little feet.. At X Bank both women and men swirled around while having these pearls on. Originally they are designed for men, but trust me everyone wants to put them on his feet. So just buy them for your boyfriend in a size to small (your own 😉 and well… you know what to do with them afterwords.

Lotte-Dale-mr-ali13Lotte-Dale-mr-ali02Lotte-Dale-mr-ali12Lotte-Dale-mr-ali11Mr. Ali Amsterdam is a brand with a beautiful story and history you should keep an eye on or put your feet in, because these shoes are def made for walking. Visit their site on !

The beautiful pictures are made by the amazing Lotte Dale

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