Thursday Treasure: Nadia Lee Cohen!

I’m still working at the Tour de France, but at the same time I’m busy writing my master thesis. I can’t tell you everything yet, but to reveal one part of the secret; it’s about female photographers. And one of my favorite girls is the beautiful and intriguing American, Nadia Lee Cohen.untitled-article-1447332953-body-image-1447333184Her photographs almost look surreal, are really colorful and might even look just a bit disconcerting. Cohen’s shots come across more like snapshots from a film than carefully curated photographs. She creates an surreal world with her pictures in which the female character plays the main part.The women are dominant, colourful, because Cohen easily gets bored by an image when it’s just ‘nice’. She wants to push it to be a little darker.

Perhaps the way to describe it is a movie on the uncanny, the sets and the characters that feature are always familiar as that’s how the audience relates to the content. However, Cohen introduces something slightly ‘off’ into what is recognizable in order to change the mood and test the viewer’s sense of certainty.

nadia-lee-cohen-photography-ShockBlast-13At the moment Cohen is busy with a huge project: A 100 Naked Women. She scouted willing models on Instagram to be photographed, sticking two fingers up to the social network’s stringent censorship of the female form. The series has progressed into a response to the discussion with online female censorship, naked girls, inspiration imagery or even photographs of Cohen self. Aka not just ‘nice’!


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